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What is the Right Temperature for My Hot Tub?

February 4, 2020

Hot tubs are a great way to relax, relieve tension, and bond with friends and family. If you are a first-time hot tub owner, you probably have a variety of questions about the operation of your hot tub. One of the most common questions new owners have is what the best temperature is for their hot tub.

Hot tub temperatures can range between 90-104°F. The temperature that you should keep your hot tub at depends on a variety of factors, including your health, your age, and your preferences.

The Best Hot Tub Temperature for Relaxation

Hot Tub SteamMost hot tub owners who use their hot tub to relax find that the ideal temperature is anywhere between 100-102°F. However, Finding the best temperature comes down to your preference. Some people keep their water at body temperature, 98°, while others like the water hotter than average at 104°.

Another factor that affects your hot tub temperature is the weather. Winter and summer temperatures vary in a variety of ways:

Summer Hot Tub Temperature Recommendations:

For hot tub owners who live in an area where summers are extra hot, you may want to consider reducing the temperature of your spa a small amount and give it a try. By keeping the temperature under 98° in the summer, you can create a refreshing, yet still warm and relaxing environment.

Winter Hot Tub Temperature Recommendations:

Although it is not required, there are many hot tub owners out there who prefer to increase the temperature of their hot tub during the winter season. By increasing the temperature, you can enjoy a comfortable, warm experience even if the temperature outside is cold and uninviting.

Safe Temperatures for Your Hot Tub

When adjusting your hot tub temperature, it is essential to keep safety in mind. It is crucial to avoid exceeding 104° in your hot tub. Temperatures 106° and above can lead to serious health issues such as heat stroke. Age and health also affect safe temperature settings.

Older Adults:

If you suffer from health issues (such as heart problems) you should speak with your doctor before you use a hot tub. Your doctor may recommend that you use your hot tub at a lower temperature. It is also essential to stay hydrated for a safe hot tub experience.


If you have children who will be using your hot tub, you should keep the hot tub around 95°. This will help to prevent them from overheating. It is also recommended that children only use the hot tub 15 minutes at a time.

Those Who Are Pregnant:

If you are pregnant, be sure to consult your doctor before using a hot tub. You should also keep the temperature under 101°, and do not use the hot tub for extended periods of time.

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