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Covana Hot Tub Covers

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Covana Hot Tub Covers

Covana hot tub covers will help you protect your investment in your hot tub by protecting the interior components and keeping pollutants and debris out. This easy-to-access hot tub cover system allows you to keep your hot tub insulated and access your hot tub with the turn of a key!

By using a Covana cover, you can save on maintenance costs, heating bills, and unnecessary water. Young’s Hot Tub Sales & Service Center is proud to offer high-quality hot tub covers made by Covana.

Covana Hot Tub Covers for Convenient Hot Tub Use

Covana takes the hassle out of using a hot tub cover. You no longer have to struggle with lifting your heavy cover or having to remove snow, ice, and other debris. Instead, with the simple turn of a key, you can access your hot tub within 20 seconds and with little effort.

Your hot tub is your relaxing oasis away from the world. With Covana’s fully automated gazebos, you can enjoy complete comfort, safety, and privacy while using your hot tub. Covana hot tub covers are also designed to allow you to enjoy your hot tub in mild and adverse weather conditions, allowing you to get the most out of your spa.

Covana Hot Tub Cover - Oasis
Covana Hot Tub Cover - Covanna C
Covana Hot Tub Cover - Legend

Add Safety and Control to Your Hot Tub

Safety is your top priority. If you have small children or pets in your home or your neighborhood, it is crucial to keep your hot tub covered when not in use. Covana covers lock into place when elevated or when closed to keep your spa secured when not in use.

Covana Hot Tub Cover Options to Meet Your Needs

Covana offers a variety of hot tub covers to meet your unique needs, including:

Evolution Hot Tub Cover

This fully automated hot tub cover offers a streamlined look, a water-tight seal and is adjustable to fit larger or round hot tubs.

Oasis Hot Tub Cover

This gazebo-style hot tub cover features a water-tight seal for insulation, an LED lighting system, and protection from the UV rays and harsh elements.

Legend Swim Spa Cover

This hot tub cover is easy to use and can be retracted with the turn of a key in almost any weather conditions, offering you protection from the elements when open and superior insulation when closed.

Ready to Purchase a Covana Hot Tub Cover?

If you are ready to add safety, insulation, and convince to your hot tub, contact Young’s Hot Tub Sales & Service Center today to learn more!