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What is the difference between a 220v and a 110v hot tub?

September 4, 2019

When choosing your new hot tub, you will want to consider whether you want a 110v or a 220v hot tub. Each type of hot tub has a variety of benefits, so it is crucial to consider the features of each type to determine which one fits your needs best.

110v Hot Tubs: Quick and Simple Set-UpWhat is the difference between a 220v and a 110v hot tub?

One of the major benefits of the 110v hot tub is that it is ready to use once it is filled up and plugged in. This type of hot tub does not require hardwiring or an electrician to set up because it only requires 11 amps to operate, allowing it to be plugged into a regular outdoor outlet. This will enable you to rearrange your backyard living space and move your hot tub as needed.

110v hot tubs are an excellent option for someone who is renting a home because it does not require any changes to the electrical wiring of the house.  You can also rest assured that if you sell your home and move, you can pack your spa up and take it with you.

220v Hot Tubs: Powerful, Fast Water Heating

While converting your 110v hot tub to a 220v hot tub won’t affect your jet performance, it will enhance the performance of your heating time and increase your pump’s power. Keep in mind though that when you purchase a hot tub that is already wired for 220v most likely the pumps are going to be larger and more powerful than a hot tub that was originally manufactured as a 110v. Still, by converting the 110v hot tub to a 220v, you will provide your heater with more power, allowing it to heat the water faster.

This is a benefit if it is the first time you are heating the water, but both the 110v and 220v will keep the water hot 24/7. With a 220v spa, you can heat the water when the jets are set to either low or high, but with a 110v spa, you can only heat the water when the jets are on a lower setting or if the circulation pump is running.

Wide Selection of Hot Tubs to Meet Your Needs

At Young’s Hot Tub Sales and Service Center, we offer our customers a wide selection of top-of-the-line hot tubs and swim spas that are sure to impress. Need help choosing between a 110v hot tub and a 220v hot tub? Contact our expert team today to get more information!