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Water Care for Your Hot Tub

April 2, 2020

Caring for the water in your hot tub is crucial to keeping it sanitary, clean, and fun to continue using. With a variety of different water care options out there, it can be difficult for hot tub owners to determine what treatment type is best for them. 

At Young’s Hot Tub, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand the different water care options so you can decide the best way to care for your hot tub. 

Traditional Options for Water Care: Bromine and Chlorine

One of the more traditional ways to care for your hot tub water without the use of a sanitation system is to add chlorine or bromine. When using this method to care for your water, you will need to shock the water weekly with either chlorine or bromine granules. It would be best if you shocked your hot tub on a day you don’t plan to use it or after you’re done using it for the day to allow the chlorine smell to dissipate before you use the hot tub again. 

UV Ray Water Treatment

Summit SeriesIn conjunction with the bromine or chlorine, you can use a UV ray to prevent bacteria from reproducing. The UV light will scramble the molecular bonds of organisms, which prevents the bacteria from multiplying. Although you still need to add bromine or chlorine to your water, you will be able to keep a lower Parts Per Million (PPM) than when you use the bromine or chlorine method.

The UV Ray system works with your circulation pump, which pulls the water across the UV bulb to sanitize it. The UV rays will not kill the bacteria; they will only prevent them from reproducing. You will need to replace the bulbs every 12 months and your water every 3-4 months. 

Salt Water Treatment

A saltwater sanitizing system is a convenient and long-lasting option to keep your hot tub water clear, clean, and sanitized. When you fill your hot tub, you will add salt, and the system will generate natural chlorine. The salt cartridge will need to be replaced every four months. It is also essential to test your water every seven to ten days to ensure the level is set to produce the correct amount of chlorine-based on your hot tub usage. 

With this system, you can avoid the chemical odors as well as save money and time on maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your hot tub! 

Ozone Treatment

OzonatorWhile you are already familiar with the ozone layer that protects our atmosphere, you may not have known that ozone can be used to kill bacteria in your hot tub water. To sanitize your water, the Ozonator will emit ozone gas (O3). This gas is a powerful oxidizer that can be used to disinfect the water in your hot tub. An ozone system works by injecting O3 into the hot tub water as it passes through the circulation pump. This oxidizes and kills any pathogens or bacteria in the water. With this system, you can reduce your bromine or chlorine levels, replacing your water every three to four months and replacing your Ozonator every seven to ten years. 

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