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Visit Young’s Hot Tubs at the Pet Expo – Nov 15-17th

November 14, 2019

Young’s Hot Tub Sales and Service Center is excited to announce they will be exhibiting at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo November 15-17th at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This will be their first time at the Expo, and they are excited to showcase their products to pet owners. 


The Pittsburgh Pet Expo is the largest pet expo on the east coast, featuring a variety of pet product vendors, rescues, grooming competitions, a cat show, diving dog show, and more!


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“We have a line of enzymes that’s 100% natural, and that is an all-around product. For not only the pet itself but also for the home,” said Wendy Olson, Event Coordinator at Young’s Hot Tubs and Vice President of Operations for Zymeaffect. 


Olson said Zymeaffect is a tried and true, 30-year-old enzyme that is bottled in Pennsylvania. The enzyme is sold in a concentrated form that can be used by the homeowner in any way they need it. 

“The goal with the Pet Expo is that we can focus on the fact that Zymeaffect kills fleas, ticks, lice, and even treats some pet skin conditions,” said Olson. Simply add a small amount to your current pet shampoo when washing your pet to help eliminate odor. In addition to their Zymeaffect products, Young’s Hot Tubs will also have a swim spa on display, which can be used for aquatic pet therapy. 


Olson said attendees at the exhibit who visit their booth might be lucky enough to see the mermaid taking a swim in the swim spa. 


Swim Spas for Pet Therapy Delivered to Your DoorVisit Young's Hot Tubs at the Pet Expo - Nov 15-17th


At the Expo, Young’s Hot Tub Sales and Service Center will display their 17-foot Synergy Swim Spa that features high-powered fitness jets and open, barrier-free fitness zones that give pets and their owners plenty of room for aquatic exercise or therapy. 


Young’s Hot Tubs offers a variety of swim spas to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for an effective way to combine relaxation and exercise or are looking for a way to provide your pet with aquatic therapy, Young’s has a swim spa for you! 


They also offer high-quality hot tubs and saunas to the Pittsburgh area, along with customer-focused service and support. Visit Young’s Hot Tub Sales and Service Center at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo from Nov 15th – 17th to learn more about their products, see their swim spa in action, and maybe catch a glimpse of the Young’s Hot Tub Mermaid! 


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