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Premium Series Features


Strong Spas has answered the call for a longer lasting spa:

Thanks to the brilliant innovation of the DURA-SHIELD, Strong Spas’ HardCover model is the best in its class for durability. The DURA-SHIELD uses patented technology to create a true HardCover molded hollow from durable resin, then it’s filled with proprietary foam to protect against harsh environments and provide energy-saving heat retention.

Combining resilience with security, strength with beauty, the HardCover model requires very little maintenance and is built to last.



We’re pretty sure you never have to think twice about opening your car door. It’s pretty easy, right? Welcome to our Ultra-Strong CoverLifter. It’s pretty much like opening a car door — except on a spa. The way we look at it, let our technology and covers do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Just focus on the important stuff, like enjoying a soothing, recharging soak in our spa.



We call this our forever cabinet. Resilient, durable, sturdy and maintenance-free, our Dura-Last cabinets have the name that speaks for itself. With a unique Energy-Lok insulation system that offers superior thermal efficiency, our cabinets look newly installed after years of use. Which means you can spend your time soaking in our Strong Spa with your family and friends instead of out of it doing maintenance.

LED Air Controls

Easy to use and instant satisfaction is the best way we can think of how to describe our LED Air Controls.

MP3 Bluetooth*

A marine-grade Bluetooth sound system with subwoofer and 2 topside speakers plus 2 exterior cabinet speakers in the shell. Play what you want, how loud or soft you want while you luxuriate.



Lounger – Our Strong Spas lounger model, the Madrid, features ergonomically-inspired seating for 5-6 people. With the lounger, think contoured comfort that naturally puts you in position — literally — to relax and enjoy the hydrotherapy of a Strong Spas hot tub or spa.


LED Water Columns*

There’s just something relaxing about watching our LED Water Column Shooter. You’ll just have to trust us on this one.


Neck Jets

Your neck works too hard all day not to be shown some love with our therapeutic neck jets. It’s immediate relief and your neck will thank us.

Step & Towel Holder

With the Step and Towel feature, you really can have it all! Feel comfortable, safe and secure with our fold-away step system while keeping your towels dry and ready.

Custom-Molded Waterfall

What’s better than Strong Spas’ Custom-Molded Waterfall?


Experience the advanced engineering of our DURA-BASE technology. With an insulated base that is 10x thicker than most spas and a maintenance-free resin cabinet, the DURA-BASE is impervious to pests and immune to cracking, rotting, and rusting. Its highly efficient thermal barrier uses recycled heat, saving big on both time and money. The DURA-BASE is easy to place, requires no maintenance and comes with an unprecedented lifetime guarantee.

Jumbo Footwell Jet*

We know how good a foot jet feels. But our Jumbo Footwell Jet? Indescribable. Your feet work hard all day and deserve the same relaxation as the rest of your body. Kick back, relax and enjoy.


Exterior LED Lights*

We really know how to raise the bar on sophistication with our exterior LED lights.



The ozonator works by producing ozone — the same gas providing a layer of protection around the earth’s atmosphere — when oxygen is exposed to ultraviolet light or a corona discharge. It sanitizes the spa water keeping the water fresher and clearer for longer periods of time.