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Northwest Series Features

Our TP600 push button controls your hydrotherapy experience.

Clearwater Spas easy to use push button controls let you customize your spa experience – all from the comfort of the warm spa water. Simply push the pump button to activate the water flow through the hydrotherapy massage jets. Control the up or down arrows to raise or lower the water temperature to your desired level. The light button will turn on the spa light or multi-colored LED mood lighting for models equipped with this feature. To view the screen message easier from within the comfort of the warm spa water, simply push the ‘Flip’ button to flip the screen message 180 degrees to face the inside of the spa.

Set the mood with our beautiful multi-colored LED mood lighting

Enjoy the glow of our beautiful, programmable multicolored LED mood lighting. This majestic lighting package is artfully designed into the pillow(s), footwell area and air controls. The Northwest Series also has lighted cup coasters to illuminate your favorite beverage.

Enjoy this glowing and peaceful multi-colored waterfall.

Turn on this beautiful waterfall feature for a soothing ambience and make your hot tub experience like a day at the spa. Our multi-colored LED mood lighting adds a dazzling glow of color and a captivating focal point. Our waterfall is fully adjustable. The multi-colored lighting allows you to pause on your favorite color, enjoy slow or fast color transitions.

Our DuraTech™ cabinets provide the beauty of wood without the maintenance.

Clearwater Spas new DuraTech™ cabinets will provide the most authentic natural wood beauty with many years of ultra-low maintenance. In addition, all of our DuraTech™ cabinets are backed with Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) insulation, which are rigid foam panels lined with thermal foil to provide maximum energy efficiency.

Dual Defense Filtration System™ (DDFS™)

Our new dual pump – dual filter method provides twice the cleaning power. First; body oils, lotions, contaminants and other debris are skimmed from the surface of the spa water and are then drawn into the outer walls of the filter cartridge. Second; sediment, debris and contaminants that may have settled at the bottom of the spa are drawn in from the footwell intakes and forced upward through the outer walls of the filter cartridge. This dual filtering system cleans the entire body of water, surface to floor, circulating more than 50,000 gallons of water per day! The DDFS™ starts working the minute your spa starts up, and will ensure your spa is clean, clear, and ready when you are.

Clearwater Spas Clean Light™ UVC and ozone purification system is combined into a Dual-Unit – DDPS™*

This combination of an Ultra-Violet germicidal (UVC) and integration of Mazzei-injected ozone offer the ultimate in water purification. Clearwater Spas DDFS™ is a powerful disinfection system that breaks the vicious cycle of hot tub chemical use, reducing the need for high chemical doses. This system helps destroy bacteria, viruses, algae, yeasts, unused oxidizers, and other contaminants; reduces odor and chloramines, prolongs equipment life, reduces maintenance time and cost, and purifies naturally. The Clean Light UVC and Ozone functions as a complete purification solution when used along with the normal filtration functions of hot tubs and monitoring of water chemistry.

*Optional Feature on Northwest Models.