Embark Series ExteriorEmbark WaterfallLED Lighted ControlEmbark Neck-Shoulder Jets 2Embark Neck-Shoulder JetsEmbark LoungerEmbark SeatEmbark espresso corner closeupEmbark Gray corner closeup
2019 Embark EL70 topdown
Embark Series Exterior
Embark Waterfall
LED Lighted Control
Embark Neck-Shoulder Jets 2
Embark Neck-Shoulder Jets
Embark Lounger
Embark Seat
Embark espresso corner closeup
Embark Gray corner closeup


Relax in the Embark Series EL70. One of our popular, full-featured, affordable models by Strong. This hot tub comes with a lounger, 70 jets, 2 pumps, a waterfall, and LED Lighted Controls. What more could you want? How about not only getting a great back and shoulder massage in the Captain’s Chair, but also getting a wrist massage with the wrist jets? Repeat after me…ahhhh.

  • Jets: 70
  • Seats: 5
  • Dimensions: 85″ x 85″ x 36h”

Acrylic Shell Colors

Cabinet Colors